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Leather Carrying Case

Boîtier de transport en cuir


The leather carrying case for the RGX™ Gateway protects the exterior from damage. The leather case is included with ATEX and IECEx certified RGX units.

Kit bouchon antipoussières du port de recharge

Kit bouchon antipoussières du port de recharge


Replacement kit for the charging port dust cap. Comes with cap, chain, and all hardware necessary for replacement.

Intrinsic Safety Power Port Dust Cap Kit

Kit de bouchon antipoussières pour le port d'alimentation intrinsèquement sûr


Replacement kit for the intrinsic safety power port dust cap. Comes with cap, chain, and all hardware necessary for replacement.

Magnet Mount Kit (Pack of 2)

Kit de fixations magnétiques (lot de 2)


Plated neodymium magnets to mount to a metal surface. Comes with 2 magnets threaded to fit the RGX Gateway.

Replacement Vent Kit

Kit d'évent de rechange


Replacement vent kit for the RGX® Gateway. Kit comes with the exterior vent, and interior nut to hold it in place. To replace the vent, the RGX Gateway must be opened to allow access to the nut.

Replacement Case Fasteners (Pack of 4)

Fixations de boîtier de rechange (lot de 4)


Replacement fasteners for the RGX® Gateway. Four fasteners are used to keep the RGX Gateway sealed. A T25 torx screwdriver is required for fastener replacement.

Replacement Conduit-hub Plug Kit (Pack of 1)

Kit de bouchon d'ouverture pour câble de rechange (lot de 1)


Replacement conduit-hub plug for the RGX® Gateway. This kit comes with all hardware necessary to install 1 conduit-hub plug. To replace a conduit-hub plug, the RGX must be opened.

Câble adaptateur intrinsèquement sûr

Câble adaptateur intrinsèquement sûr


Intrinsic safety cable adapter to connect the RGX® Gateway to extended run time power supplies.

Bloc chargeur (sans câble d'alimentation)

Bloc chargeur (sans câble d'alimentation)


Charging power supply for the RGX® Gateway

Power Cord for RGX Power Supply

Câble d'alimentation pour RGX


North American power cord to use with power supply 17158665

Wall Mount Kit (Pack of 4)

Kit de fixations murales (lot de 4)


Wall mount kit to surface mount or mount to a strut style rail installation. Comes with 4 wall mount brackets and 4 screws.