TGX™ Gateway

Cellular and satellite connectivity for real-time monitoring in remote locations

When lone workers encounter a safety hazard, they can’t rely on peers nearby to help. That’s why real-time monitoring is a lone worker’s best friend. The TGX Gateway links you with remote teams through dual cellular and satellite connectivity, so you can monitor, escalate, and respond the moment a worker needs you. The vehicle-installed gateway sends location, gas readings, and real-time alerts from Industrial Scientific wireless gas detectors to cloud-based iNet® Now software so you can see who’s in danger, know what happened, pinpoint their location, and dispatch help.

  • Gain Total Visibility – See your team’s safety at a glance and receive real-time alerts when you need to act.
  • Improve Response Times – Dispatch help exactly where it’s needed using a live map.
  • Eliminate Manual Check Ins – Reduce distractions to improve productivity and safety.
  • Connect with Ease – Automatically connect with wireless gas detectors with no maintenance or costly IT infrastructure.

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With seamless cellular and satellite connectivity, the TGX Gateway is ideal for live monitoring in even the most remote locations in the United States and Canada. Vehicle-installation allows for easy transportation to any site. For on-site live monitoring, consider the RGX™ Gateway or the Batterie Wi-Fi pour le Ventis® Pro5.


  • Compatible with LENS® Wireless-enabled Ventis® Pro5 personal gas monitors and Radius® BZ1 Area Monitors.
  • Cellular connectivity with automatic failover to satellite.
  • Alarms and alerts sent in real time through iNet® Now software.
  • No maintenance or charging required.
  • Automatic configuration and firmware updates without taking the gateway out of the field.
  • Regulatory: FCC, IC & PTCRB, and RoHS compliant

Before using your TGX Gateway, you must establish an iNet Now account and activate your device.

Configure your TGX

The TGX Gateway can be configured with a variety of connectivity and certification options. Please visit this page to select the configuration that best fits your needs.

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WHY YOU NEED A LONE WORKER MONITORING SYSTEMMany companies rely on manual check ins for their lone worker policy, but if you rely on manual check ins, your workers are at risk. Instead, use a lone worker monitoring system with multiple connectivity options specifically designed to address the safety challenges lone workers face day in and day out. Learn what to look for in a lone worker monitoring system.

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